Diet Coda. Sugar-free, twice as sweet.

Developing with Panic’s Diet Coda on the iPad is the most fun I’ve had coding a website.

Recently we took the kids away for a long weekend, and I thought it might be cool to do some heavier lifting with the iPad if I got some downtime when the kiddos ran out of gas. While I’d used Diet Coda to change a line of code or a CSS file here and there, I’d not done any serious coding with it previously. Before leaving town I took a couple hours to prepare some graphic assets in CS6 and got them set up on my web server.

Once all went quiet at the resort I went to work—and I’ve really never had so much fun.

Diet Coda is intuitive, easy to master, smart, and responsive. Very quickly you’re jumping in-and-out of Safari to view your work, and the hours are zooming by…copy and pasting snippets of code, writing, sorting out hex colors and leaping tall buildings in a single bound. All the while, Diet Coda effortlessly keeps up, eagerly wagging its tail waiting for its next task—giving you a lick on the face every time you close a tag. The only thing missing was the “S” on my chest.

While I enjoy the cozy confines of the home office and Coda 2—being able to escape your normal trappings, and be fully armed to create when lightening strikes, on a magical device like the iPad is truly intoxicating.

Diet Coda and the iPad is a sugary-sweet combo—and that’s not bad, for a consumption device.

Download Diet Coda ($20) from the App Store