Welcome to my little Realm.

I'm a designer and artist living and working in Madison, Wisconsin—presently enjoying life as UI/UX Design Lead at Raven Software/Activision.

Realm is my digital hideout. A place to tinker; a place to put all my stuff; and a place to share whatever creations or discoveries I stumble upon as I'm out adventuring. When I'm not tinkering here, I'm drawing, gaming, making music, or enjoying time with a beautiful family that I adore, who are wonderfully tolerant of Dad's creative affliction(s).

If you'd like to connect you can follow me on Twitter, my blog for updates on new content, or via Instagram and LinkedIn.

- Wayne

p.s. To avoid any confusion—while the English surname Koenig translates to king in German(König), it has no real, binding, authority—anywhere. As far as I'm aware.

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Wednesday, September 23 2020

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