Welcome to my little Realm.

I'm a designer and artist living and working in Madison, Wisconsin—presently enjoying life as Senior Lead Designer, UI/UX, at Raven Software/Activision. At Raven I lead a talented team of artists and designers in all manner of UI/UX creation on the Call of Duty® franchise.

Realm is my digital getaway. A place to tinker; a place to put all my stuff; and a place to share whatever creations or discoveries I stumble upon as I'm out adventuring. When I'm not tinkering here, I'm drawing, gaming, sim-racing, making music, t-shirts, or enjoying time with a beautiful family that I adore, who are wonderfully tolerant of Dad's creative afflictions.

If you'd like to connect you can find me on Twitter, my unkept Blog (D'oh!), Instagram, or LinkedIn.

- Wayne

p.s. To be clear—while the English surname Koenig translates to king in German (König), it has no real, binding, authority—anywhere. As far as I'm aware.

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Monday, December 06 2021

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