Realm Updates

Welcome to The Sanctuary.
I've taken a peek around, here's what looks to have changed lately >>


New design and illustration work has been added to the Portfolio Gallery, along with updated Resume. You'll find links to some of the new additions below.


New work has been added to the portfolio, and The Traveller content has found a home in The Sanctuary—featuring a couple of recent posts.


The Keep is running on clean, wind energy. That should offset the carbon footprint from that dirty, old factory.


Hmmm. There's something audibly different about The Sanctuary lately.


It looks like someone's fired up that old, abandoned factory in the northern Realm Territories.


Hey look—a map! As Realm grows you'll be sure to find new discoveries noted here, and in the future you might find some places you won't get to without it.

(The map is currently viewable only in desktop browsers and the iPad/tablets.)


The Observatory is live—and hey—that correspondence stock finally came in.


Realm has been completely reborn in a new, responsive framework(built with Twitter Bootstrap).

This new framework should make for a much better mobile experience, presenting content in an ideal format no matter what device you're using. And that's what it's all about right?

The fully-animated experience is viewable on the iPad in landscape mode, and on the desktop.

The previous version of Realm is still available here.

Recent Work

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On The Traveller

★  Vagaries from the realm of a creative adventurer.  ★


The Roman Candle Pizza-Now Open in Whitefish Bay

In 2013 I was fortunate to work very closely with The Roman Candle Pizza on the branding, signage, interior design, trade dress, menus, floor graphics, and promotion of their new store in Whitefish Bay. The ball got rolling in the spring of 2013, and culminated with the new store opening in early December of the same year. You can see more on The Traveller or in my portfolio gallery.



Forza Motorsport Racing Livery(s)

While I needed a new Forza game like a hole in the head—I caved after Christmas when it went on sale on Amazon for $40. I spent part of the holiday break painting cars and getting the Koenig-star racing livery up and running in my garage.




I'm a synesthete. If you don't know what that is, no worries—neither did I. It's not quite on the level of, "I see dead people," but I do see colors and interpret 3D, spacial relationships where others may not. Not quite superpowers—but it does have a great affect on how I perceive the universe.




Prior to the release of Forza Motorsport 3 for the Xbox 360 in 2009, I tackled a project I'd kicked around for a long time. An adjustable and portable racing wheel stand that could be pulled directly up to my favorite gaming chair.


About Realm

Created By

Realm is designed, developed, and produced by Wayne Koenig.

Currently I'm the Senior Lead Designer, UI/UX, at Raven Software/Activision—living and working in Madison, Wisconsin on the Call of Duty® franchise/video game.

I mix metaphors, have synesthesia, and indulge in a variety of passions: UI/UX, games, graphic design and illustration, astronomy, sim-racing, sci-fi, and generally, anything that goes fast.


Some of the tools and apps I used to create Realm:

  • Typekit web fonts
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Coda, Coda 2 (Panic Software)
  • Diet Coda for iPad (Panic Software)
  • Transmit (Panic Software)
  • Wordpress
  • SoundManager2 Javascript API
  • Royal Slider JQuery Plugin
  • Sketchbook Pro for iPad
  • ProCreate for iPad
  • Alchemy for iPad
  • Evernote


Realm is little corner of the universe to share some of my creative endeavors, and a place to tinker.

It's built upon the Bootstrap 3 framework.

Originally Realm was a Flash passion project, then the iPhone happened—and changed everything. So it was time to reboot and convert the concept into something modern and mobile-friendly. I have just enough code/web development experience to be dangerous and conjur up what you see here.

Sometimes, I pump the brakes on life just long enough to do an update. ;)